The Crystal Key for OSRS Review 2020

The Crystal Key for OSRS Review 2020

In this review we are going to be checking out the 50 enhanced Crystal Keys for OSRS. To get it you have to go and take 80 smithing from your alt. You do need 80 smithing and 80 crafting if you want to get 10 shards per Key. In case you have lower than that it’s gonna be around 15 short which isn’t a big deal. But if you are going to open thousand of Keys or even hundred, that would definitely add up quite a bit. The loot you can get out of this chest is insane and it’s way better than the regular Crystal Keys. Of course you do need a Crystal Key to go to a singing bowl to turn that into an enhanced Crystal Key. The great thing about this is that you get a whole bunch of Crystal shard back from the chest. It sums up around 35 to 45% of your shards. You can put all of your shards into the Keys. Let’s check out the loot quickly because it is so much better than the regular chest.

A general analysis of the loot and things you get in it

In comparison to old loot this version has more posibilities. Here you get:

  • Uncut dragonstone
  • Tooth half of Key,
  • Coins,
  • Uncut ruby,
  • Uncut diamonds,
  • Gold ore,
  • 8 runite ore,
  • Crystal shard,
  • Crystal Keys,
  • Loop half of Key,
  • Raw shark,
  • Rune plateskirt and other things.

In the loop you can find all the items and use them to make your enhanced Crystals. You also can see that you might need armor seats and some other pieces to make some of the stuff like helmet or the legs. You will need 50 shards for the helmet, 150 for the body, 100 for the legs, 120 for the Crystal pickaxe and the Crystal axe. The Crystal bowl will go for 40 and the eternal teleport Crystal for 100.

Why you should not keep your Crystal Keys?

Back in the old days Crystal Keys were worth much more than now. If you are wondering whether you should keep your Crystal Keys or sell them off, we would recommend you to sell them since the hype is over and people bought bulk of it. In total it is around 5000 Crystal Keys for 26 mill and now they are 20 K. So it is a good idea to get rid of them.

Out final thoughts about the Crystal Keys for OSRS

We can conclude that the way to get your Crystal Keys might be pretty complicated, but if you follow our tutorial the search can get easier. We hope that this simple tutorial helps you to understand whether you should keep your Crystal Keys in the future or not as well.