The Custom Gamecube Controller and Why Do We Think It Is Incredible

The Custom Gamecube Controller and Why Do We Think It Is Incredible - Post Thumbnail

The Gamecube Controller is one of the craziest controllers in the history of video games. It spun across four console generations from the time of its initial launch in 2001. Since then it has been fully compatible with Wii, Wii U and Switch. As recent as 2018, Nintendo is still manufacturing new Gamecube Controllers.

However, in typical Nintendo fashion they didn’t seem to make enough controllers meet demand. Especially when they released the Smash Bros on the Switch. It caused Gamecube Controller prices to rise over the past few years with even the most basic controllers increasing it dramatically in price. If you look in the price table from price charting, you will see that Indigo Gamecube Controllers rise in price from $9 to $23.

Main peculiarities to take into account

Since the most recent iteration of Smash Brothers on Wii U, the game cube controller experienced a boost in popularity. That is why, today in this review, we are going to take a look at one of their custom game cube controllers and how to customize one by yourself. The ready customized controller comes in its custom box, which has a unique QR code for technical support if there happens to be any problem.

How to customize your Gamecube Controller by yourself

In case you have an old controller which has joysticks wholly dead and the clear bag is yellow, you will need to do some customized backbreaking work on it. To customize your game cube controller, you need to open it and clean it with a toothbrush and a microfiber cloth to get all the nasty grime off.

With the base cleaned, first thing you have to do is to replace the broken stick box on the actual controller board itself. We would recommend you to use flux and take your time while laying the soldering iron on top of the pad.

Next step includes the customization of your moulds and cast of your buttons. After you customize your Gamecube Controller, you need to do the testing. Try to play your favourite game and see if it suits your needs. Your new customized controller should turn out fantastic, and it should push the limits in terms of what you can do with the controller in any game. You can also make the buttons glow in the dark, which is going to look great.

Our final verdict on the Custom Gamecube Controller

We can conclude that the customization of the Gamecube Controller is a pretty complicated procedure and might take some time depending what exactly you are looking for in the controller. Follow the instructions and get the Custom Gamecube Controller of your dream. The easier way to get a customized controller would be to purchase one from Gamecube. We hope that this general tutorial assists you to understand the general characteristics of Custom Gamecube Controller and how you can customize it by yourself.