The Shadowforge key and how you can get it

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In this detailed review, we are going to describe how to get the Shadowforge key for the Black Rock Death Dungeon. This tutorial is created for achievement hunters and those who crave for the keymaster awards. Let’s dive into it and learn how to get the key today.

The beginning and the boss location

Once you enter the game you will see many tabs on the screen. You have to talk to the NPC, and click in the quest twice. It is called the dark iron legacy. This weapon is obtained by killing a specific NPC in the dungeon. Once you are at the dungeon entrance, you only go one straight path. The bosses you will be doing in this dungeon will be in the arena. They also could be in another place depending on if you are lucky since it’s a rare case.

Obstacles on the way to Shadowforge key and how to overcome them

The mob and the black rock is under your feet. Once you step into the circle, you start the event. Another thing to bear in mind is that the molten scrap will be scripted. When you are done, the other gifts on the opposite side will open up. Always remember to keep going forward and then turn immediately right. In front, you will see a path that leads to a boss and the boss is what you need. If you want to get the key fast, you’ll have to jump off where the boss is. Try to bypass as many mobs as you possibly can because there’s quite a lot. Once you meet one, it will create a chain reaction, and you will get more of them.

Shadowforge key and where it is hidden

Next move is to go back to the way you came from. Once you are in the domicile, it does not matter what direction you go because the road is the same. Down the hall, you will see a little yellow question mark on the monument.

Another thing you will be able to see are mobs, which we have mentioned before. You have to kill them to clear your way. Once you do it, you will get your keys straight off the soldier. This key goes to the wars and achievement section.

Our final thoughts on the Shadowforge key searchH2:

We can conclude that it is a straightforward way to find the Shadowforge key. All you have to do is to follow strict instructions and always move forward. Remember to clear your path and make sure you kill all the mobs on your way. We hope that this review was useful, and the Shadowforge key search is a piece of cake for you now.