Windows 11 vs Windows 12

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The latest data tells us that Chromebooks have reached a new level of popularity, they are most often bought by students, housewives, business people and everyone who is primarily interested in a device that can work productively with most functions, especially those that Designed to work, study or watch movies.

Why are Chromebooks popular?

Chromebooks are even bought with the peculiarity that their use requires constant access to the Internet, but even this fact did not stop the current owners of devices from buying.

Chrome OS devices, according to analysts, are great for working, listening to music, studying, or watching movies. But you won’t play much on the Chromebook, except in undemanding games, since their filling is most often of an average level, which at least will not allow them to run modern games at maximum settings. However, less demanding applications will work 100%.

Chromebook Main Feature

An important and fundamental difference between a Chromebook is that you cannot use a Chromebook without access to the Internet.

Chrome OS suggests a rather unusual approach for working with applications and data for modern laptops.

So, do I need an antivirus for Chromebook?

Administering Chromebooks is simple: it all comes down to managing settings and access rights to cloud services common to all users.

For the same reason, there is no need to care about security, at least in the traditional view: antiviruses and firewalls are not needed since ordinary applications cannot be installed on a Chromebook.

The format for storing information in the “cloud” belongs only to Google and all information will be stored only in it.

A laptop you have nothing to fear with

So, Chromebook is a device that will please you with a lot of advantages:

  • Your computer will never tell you that it urgently needs to install 100500 updates and should do it right now, interrupting your work for a couple of hours in the middle of the working day (Hello, Windows!).
  • You won’t know what viruses are – they haven’t been invented yet under Chrome OS
  • You will not have system processes that will eat all the resources of your computer – all running tasks (tabs) will be in your sight.
  • You do not need any training – everyone is used to the browser window and knows it.
  • If before that you used Google Chrome and were logged into your Google account, you don’t even have to configure anything – after entering the login/password all your bookmarks, passwords and settings will be successfully transferred to the new laptop.

So, if some malware accidentally detects a way out of this sandbox, Verified Boot continues to protect the system. Every time you launch a Chromebook, the integrity of the operating system is checked.